MDFF Greece—Athens & Architecture Kids Athens (AKA)

Within the frame of MDFF Greece—Athens Prelaunch mini-event series, MDFF Greece—Athens, in collaboration with Architecture Kids Athens (AKA), hosted a zoom conference with experts in the fields of architecture, architectural education, and psychology on architectural transformation, community-building, and sustainability. From an architectural standpoint, the discussion revolves around the importance of projects in respect to the set of skills they require as opposed to a traditional notion of the architect who designs ex nihilo and investigates how becoming familiar with one’s own modernist heritage and adapting it to the needs of today can be part of an architectural curriculum for kids and young people as a possible agency for change. Furthermore, the discussion reflects from a psychological perspective on architecture’s role in constructing one’s identity in respect to notions of permanence and change.

The discussion’s configuration was based/inspired on the notions explored in the film by Karine Dana “The Imaginaries of Transformation | Lacaton & Vassal, France, 2015, 20′ curated by MDFF Greece—Athens.

The first film devoted to the emblematic approach of architects Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal and Frederic Druot, ‘The Imaginaries of Transformation’ invites us to a change of outlook. Strongly against the demolition-rebuilding policy of public housing stock implemented by the French government in 2003, these architects are committed to the transformation of this existing social heritage. Transformation is first to transform the way we look at the city and the architecture. This film is crossed by a free conversation, active and intimate between 3 architects. This discussion space faces up to very inspired scenes shot at the amazing construction site of the City of Grand Parc in Bordeaux: 530 dwellings literally metamorphosed are the starting point of new ways of inhabiting and living in the city…

Guest Speakers:

  • Athanasios Alexandridis, Child Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst
    (Video fragment from 00:43:37 to 01:13:25)
  • Carlos Arruti and Anabel Varona Architects, Founders of MausHaus Marianna Retzou and Konstantinos Pantazis, Architects, Founders of Point Supreme

Christina Papadimitriou, Architect, Architectural Historian, Educator, Director of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture, Co-Founder of Architecture Kids Athens (Aka) Marc Britz, Architect, Architectural Historian and Critic, Educator, Co-Founder of Architecture Kids Athens (Aka)

Introduction: Annie Markitanis, Director MDFF Greece & Cyprus