Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique – Part II

The seminar aims to deepen on the theory and technique of psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children and adolescents. Based on clinical cases treated by famous psychoanalytic psychotherapists of children, like the cases of Piggle by D. Winnicott and Sammy by J. McDougall, as well as his own clinical experience, the psychoanalyst and child psychiatrist Dr. Athanasios Alexandridis will elaborate on the main aspects of theory and interventions that child therapists must be familiar with. Furthermore, he will focus especially on specific psychopathological entities, like child psychosis, depression, neurosis and other developmental disorders.  As, apart from last year’s participants, the seminar will be open to new attendants, in the first two meetings a thorough revision of the psychoanalytical views on child’s development will be attempted. The interactive dialogue between the instructor and the participants will be the main teaching tool.